Special Olympics - Summer Games

Brother Knights,  

One way to build the culture of life is by promoting the dignity of persons with intellectual disabilities by encouraging all to support the Maryland Special Olympics as volunteers or promoters. While our council has not scheduled a group volunteer opportunity, this message is offered to you and your families to consider a volunteer shift between June 5- 11, 2017. 

For info, email:  volunteers@somd.org or phone 410-242-1515.
If you are interested in volunteering see the signup portal, or www.somd.org/volunteer/volunteer-portal/

More information on the Maryland Special Olympics can be found at www.somd.org.

7th Annual Chuck Hatcher Memorial Fishing Tournament

The tournament was held on Saturday April 29th at Greenbelt Lake. We had several fish

caught. The winner was the youngest child to enter. Mary Hatcher(Chuck’s widow) showed

up to cheer the kids on.  It was so nice to have Mary join us at the event her husband started.

I would like to thank everybody that came out to help with special thanks to Jim Cambell who

always does a great job with the kids.                                             

1.     Isaiah Garrison: 9 ½  inch Crappie

2.     Robert Matera: 6 ½ inch Crappie

3.     Jonah Garrison: 6 ¼ inch Bluegill

4.     Mike Garrison: 5 ½ inch Bluegill

Sir Knight Paul Javier, Warden 10885